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30M Drop Tower

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Dimensions D4m×H30m
Space Area 9mx9m
Number of Seats 16P
Rated Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power 65kW
Speed Up 1.2m/s
Speed Down 5m/s
Version Park Model


Products Advantages

Safe & Reliable. 30m drop tower ride is driven by double cylinder, even if one breaks , the other still works, double protection.

Easy to Maintain. There is a ladder on the 30m drop tower ride, which is used for repairing the amusement equipment when there is something wrong.

Running Smoothly, No Jam. There are 8 pcs of energy accumulators and 2 dampers make 30m drop tower run smoothly.


30m Drop Tower Ride(also called Sky Tower,sky fall ride ) is a type of free fall tower amusement rides, based around a central structure of the tower. Cool decoration, special lights, and sound system create its success.

►The Drop Tower Ride is one of the main thrill rides in Sinorides. When it starts to move, riders can be lifted to the highest, and then released to free-fall down the tower. Each jump brings elated faces of excitement and delight.

►With unique dual hydraulic cylinder technology, more than 5 times of standard load for the design load, we have made enough measures in safety aspects such as slings and cabins, The dual hydraulic cylinder brings the rare ascending speed in the industry and the nearly free-falling speed, which brings endless stimulus to the passengers.

►When it stops, it acts as a cushion-like foam sofa, which will not only make passengers feel frustrated But brings extreme comfort after stimulation。The drop tower ride might be the most versatile amusement device of all.

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