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42M Ferris Wheel

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Total Height 42m
Space Area 24.4mx20m
Number of Seats 96P
Number of Cars 24PCS
Rated Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Motion Power 25kW
Version Park Model


Products Advantages

Custom-made. Aluminium alloy cabins with air-conditioner & FRP cabins without air-conditioner to choose. Lighting effects based on your requirements.

Higher ROI. Less space and more capacity helps you make the most profits.


42m Ferris Wheel is for medium-sized cities, seasonal tourist locations, and resorts, which has become a major ride for the amusement rides manufacturer. All families can take a ride on the wide cabin to enjoy the city's beautiful scenery as well as the fun and love between family members.

►The major part of Ferris wheel material is made of the seamless steel pipe, which is different from seamed steel. It is with higher strength.

►Two different materials, FRP and aluminum alloy, are used for differently designed cabins.

► Led Lighting can be provided. It makes Ferris wheel more attractive at night.

►We can be equipped with an air conditioner or fan in the cabin, according to your request.

►This equipment is a mature amusement ride for sale of our company. It is designed and produced according to our company's rich experience of the Ferris wheel for many years. The design and process are advanced.

► All performance technical indicators and safety factors have exceeded the safety Specifications for Amusement Facilities of GB8408-2008 and GB / T18164 -2008 and other relevant national regulations and standards.

►Ferris Wheel is not only amusement equipment for tourists but also a landmark building for one region's municipal works. We provide you with the 42m Ferris wheel to better develop your business!


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