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Zipline Roller Coaster

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we can design according to your location size and budget.

Track Height: 9.72m
Running Height 8m
Number of Gliders/Carrying Capacity: 4 (1 person/vehicle)
Running Speed: About 21.5km/h
Track Length: 115m
Area: About 500 square meters
Version Park Model


Products Advantages

►It can be customized as your requirement.

►The zipline roller coaster is suitable for a variety of venues, such as jungles, amusement parks, scenic spots, indoor parks, and shopping malls.


The Zipline Roller Coaster is a whole new experience, its not only a wild adrenaline rush but also a new breed of rides.

The Zipline Roller Coaster fuses the fast free-flying sensation of a zip line with the ups, downs, and turns of a roller coaster giving the rider the ultimate thrill of flying.

The Roller Coaster Zipline is customized size equipment, so distance, height, speed, winding path, and ups and downs it takes are planned and built especially to suit a location's needs.


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