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Small Pendulum Rides

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Dimensions D6m×H5.5m
Space Area 8mx8m
Number of Seats 12P
Rated Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power 21kW
Swing Angle ±75°
Version Park Model


Products Advantages

Cost-effective. Price is lower comparable to similar quality products in Europe.

Running Smoothly, No Jam. Small pendulum ride has been tested (including partial load, full load, no load) for no less than 80 hours before shipping.

Easy to Maintain. There is a ladder on the amusement ride small pendulum, which is used for repairing when something is wrong.


Small Pendulum Ride is a small version of the pendulum ride. The smaller, the tamer to ride on. It is made of super thicker steel and fiber reinforce plastic (FRP), equipped with thousands of colorful LED lights and musical instruments, and assembled with automatic body restraining belts in the chairs.

►Sinorides Small Pendulum Ride uses upper transmission, which means the motor is on the top of these rides. This transmission way makes it swing with a large angle (90-170°) and fast speed so that passengers will have more exciting experiences.

►When it works, passengers will not only swing but rotate with a gradually increasing speed and angle, so the process is much more fun and thrill.

►In terms of the power system, we use the motor drive. Compared with the hydraulic transmission used in the market, the sound is smaller, the failure rate is lower, the safety is safer, the passenger experience is more comfortable, and it can adapt to more extreme weather Small Pendulum is suitable for the theme park, amusement park, funfair, outdoor playground, etc. Until now it has been exported to Africa, Middle Asia, East Europe, etc.

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