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How to Run Ferris Wheel Safely?

April 01, 2020

Lots of statistics show that most of the large-scale amusement rides accidents, especially ferris wheel accidents recent are caused by the non-standard operation of operators.

Sinorides, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer China, cannot only supply different heights of ferris wheel, including 25/30/42/50/65/88m ferris wheel for sale , but also ferris wheel parts ( such as ferris wheel car, ferris wheel gondola or ferris wheel seats for sale). Most importantly, Sinorides, as a direct ferris wheel supplier, can help you train the operators with how to operate ferris wheel safely.

Now, let's look at the ferris wheel safety rules:

1. Check Before Starting the Ferris Wheel Pay attention to checking the following matters before starting the Ferris Wheel:

(1)Whether the lubrication points are well lubricated, and whether the pin shafts, bearings, chains, pin teeth, wire ropes and so on need to be lubricated.

(2) Whether the anchor bolts of the column and the anchor bolts of the transmission device are loose.

(3) Whether the bolts in the shaft of the hanger, and the connecting bolts between the crane shaft and the hoist are loose.

(4) Whether the glass of the crane is intact, whether the metal railing on the window is intact and there is no falling off.

(5) Whether the two locks on each ferris wheel car are flexible and reliable.

(6) Whether the grounding wire of the ferris wheel and the grounding wire of the lightning rod are broken.

(7) Whether the ear plate weld supporting the shaft of the car is cracked.

(8) After rain and snow, check to see if the insulation resistance is in accordance with the provisions when starting business.

(9) If the wind speed is greater than 15m/s, the ferris wheel should stop working.

(10) If the ferris wheel adopted with wire rope transmission, check whether the wire rope joint is loose, elongated, damaged or broken.

2. Boot Check

Do the following things before starting the ferris wheel:

(1) To check whether the motor, reducer, oil pump, oil motor have abnormal noise.

(2) To check whether the gear, sprocket and chain meshing is normal.

(3) To check whether there is abnormal vibration shock when starting.

(4) To c heck if the hydraulic system is leaking.

(5) To check whether there is abnormal sound (friction sound, bearing sound, etc.).

(6) To make sure there is no abnormal swing of the ferris wheel gondola.

(7)To ensure the big column has no abnormal shaking.

(8) To check whether the compaction force of the inflatable tire is appropriate in the tire transmission.

Matters to be Aware of During the Operation of Ferris Wheel

(1) Most of the ferris wheels are running continuously, with no stopping for passengers to get in and get off. For this kind of ferris wheel, there should be service staff at the upper and lower parts of the car, one person is responsible for opening the door and taking care of the passengers, the other taking care of the passengers on board and responsible for locking the two locks.

(2) When starting to run the ferris wheel, it is necessary to separate the 2~3 cabins and then the person to avoid excessive load.

(3) Preschool children should ride the ferris wheel with their parents at the same time, so that the child is not afraid when the cabin is raised.

(4) Operators are not allowed to leave the operating room while the ferris wheel is in operation. At the same time, they should pay attention to observe the operation conditions, when the abnormal situation occurs, stop the ferris wheel immediately.

(5) The size between the bottom of the ferris wheel car and the platform should be about 200mm, so it is convenient for passengers to get on and get off. If the distance is too large, accidents are likely to occur.

(6) It is not allowed to run the ferris wheel on thunderstorm weather.

(7) At the end of business, the ferris wheel car should be checked one by one. After confirming no one left, cut off the main power supply.

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