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How Much do Bumper Cars Cost?

April 02, 2020

Bumper cars have been always one of the most attractive amusement rides for family and kids. Consequently, more and more amusement rides investors tend to buy dodgem bumper cars for their indoor and outdoor parks.

But, do you know why bumper car rides so popular now?

What on earth how much a bumper car cost?

Sinorides, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer, will tell you what you want to know.

Bumper cars price. For amusement park investors, it may be the biggest concern that how much do bumper cars cost.

Sinorides have high-quality fairground dodgem cars for sale, such as electric bumper cars for sale, battery operated bumper cars for sale, inflatable bumper cars for sale, etc.

Now let's look at the different bumper cars prices!

Electric Bumper Car Price (Skynet Bumper Cars & Ground-grid Bumper Cars).

Both of the bumper cars should be equipped with electric conduction floor, conductive wire and a firm fence surrounding. Investors need to pave plate floor and arrange circuit control system for electric bumper cars. If the area is 100 square meters, you had better spend at least 14000 dollars for it, 600 dollars for control cabinet and about 15000 dollars for 10 sets of bumper cars.

So, if you plan to set up the electric bumper car business, the lowest investment is about $ 30000. More attention, this cost does not include the transportation fees and construction fees.

Battery Operated Bumper Car Price

Compared with electric bumper cars price, the price of battery operated bumper car ride is cheaper. Because battery operated bumper cars do not need special conduction floor, ceiling and wire. What's more, they can be used everywhere, the only thing you should do is to buy spare batteries.

Inflatable Bumper Car Price

Inflatable rubber bumper cars are economic, because they have no steel frame and special conductive floor to get power. The inflatable bumper cars are battery operated and the power system is equipped inside the bumper car body. Inflatable bumper cars is easy to operate and maintain. The PVC material of inflatable bumper cars cheaper than other materials.

The special feature of bumper cars- Low Cost and Fast Return- is in line with market needs and expected financial returns.

Want to buy bumper cars from China?

Do not know how to choose China amusement rides manufacturer?

It does not matter!

Come to Sinorides! We cannot only supply various amusement rides for customers, but also provide park designs. Besides, Sinorides can help you find some other amusement equipment suppliers, such as water park equipment, motion movies, electronic amusement machines, naughty forts, inflatable castles, entrance guard system, etc.

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