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Overview of large-scale amusement facilities

August 26, 2020

The earliest amusement facilities in the world originated in Europe. At that time, to celebrate the harvest, the people held celebrations in similar fairs, which produced early amusement facilities, a human-driven children's swivel chair, and later gradually evolved into an enduring carousel. Since then, the 1837 Vienna Exposition introduced a wooden horse ride, and in 1900, the first American amusement equipment manufacturing company, the Avery Bridge Company, was born.

The manufacturing history of amusement facilities is relatively long. However, the rapid development of the world's amusement industry was after the Second World War. With the recovery of the world economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of science and technology, the amusement facilities began to become scientific, interesting, curiosity, and The development of stimulating direction, sound, light, electricity, machinery, hydraulic pressure, microelectronics technology, etc. began to be widely used in the design and production of amusement facilities.

The Los Angeles Disneyland, built in July 1955, has opened up new ideas for the manufacture of amusement facilities. The amusement park has undergone qualitative changes.

The entertainment facility manufacturing industry has also experienced unprecedented rapid development.

large-scale amusement facilities

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