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How to Maintain Kids Carousel Ride?

April 02, 2020

Carousel, also called merry-go-round or roundabout, is one of the most popular classic amusement park rides for sale.

Sinorides, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, can offer different kinds of carousel rides for your choice, including double decks carousel, luxury merry go round and simple kids carousel for sale.

Besides, Sinorides can teach you how to maintain and care for these amusement rides.

Now let's learn how to maintain kids carousel ride:

To check every fastener of the whole carousel ride. If there are some parts loose, to tighten them in time in case of unexpected damage.

To wash the body and glass fiber reinforced plastics of the carousel ride frequently. If it is dirty, clean it with a soft wet cloth and some tiny cleaning agent. The glass fiber reinforced plastics can be washed with wax, which makes it radiant.

To check the lubricating parts, such as bearings and relative motion parts. To inject grease into the bearings periodically and inject lubricating oil into other parts (such as sliding axle under the big horse and little horse) once a week.

To check the electric console box, connecting lead, conduction band, carbon brush, lighting control box and transformer. If the wire is loose or parts are in bad contact, to repair or replace them in time.

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