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What to Consider When Planning a Theme Park?

August 07, 2020

Because the amusement park industry has a fast and steady growth over the past decades of years, more and more people want to invest in it.

How to open a theme park?

What matters should be taken into consideration when you plan to build a theme park?

Sinorides, as a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China, will teach you that the answer is: funds, site selection and security.

All of the three are indispensable.

Firstly, the funds. There are two items to consider when investing in creating a theme park: the upfront investment fund and the later stage investment stage.

1. Funds of the initial investment include the following parts:

a. Site rental fee and simple decoration fee;

b. Funds of purchasing amusement park rides;

c. Funds of advertising investment, ticket investment, member cards investment and so on;

d. Handling fee of business license and related business procedures.

2. Funds of investment in the later stage include:

a. Regular cleaning fee: do cleaning weekly or regularly;

b. Maintenance fee of amusement park rides: generally, a supplier will offer the after-sales service for a certain time. When purchasing the amusement park rides, you should make a contract of purchase and service to avoid some unnecessary trouble;

c. Funds of purchasing new theme park rides: without introducing the new amusement rides, the feeling of freshness will be lost for customers and the flow of visitors will definitely decrease;

d. Funds of water and electricity, firefighting and maintenance: if you can afford, it is very necessary to install the camera in the site to manage easily and avoid stealing.

Secondly, the site selection. Take everything into consideration and think twice: location is primary important; then the comprehensive consideration of the flow of people, people's consumption capacity and so on; except for the large or thrill amusement park rides in amusement parks, the main rides in most parks are small and medium size for children and the youth, such as the inflatable bouncy castles, carousel rides, water amusement equipment and so on. The children's amusement parks are often located in a housing estate, shopping malls, malls, or densely populated places.

1. Factors needing to consider when selecting the sites: Stream of People, Land Prices, Government Policy, Surrounding Environment, Citizen Needs, Competitor, the Funds (most important).

2. Position the style of your park combining the facts of people flow and consumption level: theme park, children’s amusement parks, civils’ recreational playground and so on.

Thirdly, the security. Security must be the primary issue to be considered. Quality must be guaranteed to ensure the riders' safety.

1. Amusement park rides must be qualified. Maintain and check the amusement rides regularly. Amusement rides in parks must conform to the safety and quality standard and tested before leaving the factory. It is forbidden to use the amusement equipment, which is under repair, unqualified, exceeding the service life, and free-inspection. Staff of management, maintenance and operation must be trained strictly and with certification. Before using the recreational facilities, it is necessary to be registered to the local and municipal quality and technical supervision and administration departments.

2. The emergency plans are indispensable, such as power failure, equipment failure and other unforeseen accident factors.

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