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40P Pirate Ship

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Dimensions L15mxH14.5m
Space Area L26mxW8.5m
Number of Seats 40P
Rated Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power 45kW
Swing Angle ± 80°
Version Park Model


Products Advantages

Safe & Reliable. There are 2 locking devices on each cockpit safety bar, even if one fails, the other still works, double protection. If the safety bar is not locked, the 40-seat pirate ship ride does not work. 

Easy to Maintain. Indicator lights have been added to the 40-seat pirate ship ride, which is red if the safety bar is not locked or if there is a fault, and green if the safety bar is locked and there is no fault.


►The 40P pneumatic pirate ship is one of the must-have amusement equipment in the paradise or scenic area. With its unique pirate-themed appearance, realistic scenes, large load capacity per unit time, and exciting swings, it brings visual impact to passengers and joy!

►The 40P pirate ship rides produced by SINORIDES has its own unique technology and technology in terms of material selection, diameter, fiberglass hull, power, and electric control cabinet. Through the fusion of these technologies and processes, high quality has been formed, Products with long service life, strong passenger experience, and high comfort. With its large load capacity per unit time and a very ornamental appearance, it can attract more passengers and create more value for investors!

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